Meet ((ecko)) : Innovation in Collaborative Ecotourism


Science and Environment Council has launched an innovative sustainable ecotourism web platform that supports community development and protects our natural resources. ((ecko)) curates information on  sustainable ecotours that showcase Gulf Coast Florida’s stunning natural diversity and fascinating cultural heritage, combining exploration, education, and relaxation while living up to stringent standards of environmental stewardship. SEC is the natural organizing hub for sustainable ecotourism, and we have organized ecotourism on the Gulf Coast in a fun and new way with local non-profit, green business and governmental partners contributing.

Southwest Florida's natural environment is the foundation of our economy and quality of life.

Nature-based tourism has experienced a surge in popularity over the past five years.

Eighty percent of visitors to Florida participate in outdoor recreation.

More is spent on wildlife watching in Florida than the whole country spends on golf equipment.

From 2009-2013 we saw 32% growth in the number of visitors engaging with nature.

In 2013, direct expenditures on nature activities exceeded sports, just behind culture.

Well-planned and managed ecotourism promotes the triple bottom line of sustainable business, by protecting the environment, stimulating community development and generating revenue.

Our collaborative web-based platform will be the organizing hub for local ecotourism, providing information on the best ecotours from local certified guides.

Our non-profit ecotourism business platform will organize and uniquely brand our Gulf Coast as an ecotourism destination, promote environmental stewardship, volunteerism and philanthropy, protect our natural and cultural heritage, and drive sustainable economic development.