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Together We Accomplish Extraordinary Things 


Our Climate Stories short film series will be screened at the Sarasota Film Festival in May 2021 at a dedicated session!

The Festival organizers have asked us to create a 30-second film trailer to preview before Film Festival feature films, and we need your help!

Please consider making a small donation now to help us reach $1800!

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Join Us in Celebrating 20 Years!

Our Mission

The Science and Environment Council works to increase science-based environmental understanding, conservation, and restoration through collaboration and public engagement in Southwest Florida.

Our Inspiration

Our natural environment is the foundation of our economy and quality of life. It cradles our health and safety, inspires outdoor sports and recreation, stirs our passions for art and culture, and renews and grounds us. Conserving and restoring our natural environment is foundational to safeguarding our home and our future.

Our Leadership

The Science and Environment Council is our community’s hub of environmental leadership. As a non-profit consortium of the 38 leading science-based environmental non-profit and government organizations in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, we are our community’s trusted environmental scientists, educators and natural resource managers.

Our Impact

Our network serves as a catalyst and multiplier creating powerful synergy and leverage among our member organizations and the community to initiate and accomplish impactful projects no one organization would pursue on its own.

Featured Project

Local Climate Stories

Climate stories as told by locals, developed by the Climate Council Education Outreach Working Group.

Download the free companion story cards.

Our Members

Thank you to our Founding Members for 20 years of support!