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Watershed Audio Tour

The SEC Watershed Audio Tour delivers watershed highlights, interesting facts and suggestions for easy ways to help protect watersheds. While the tour can be accessed free from anywhere, visiting the featured locations at outdoor sites across Sarasota and Manatee Counties provides listeners an up-close and personal experience. For example, discover why mangroves are so important to our ecosystem while strolling along the mangrove-lined boardwalk at Historic Spanish Point.

The tour includes 32 stops with more added every year. Take a Virtual Tour by clicking on a stop number below to play the audio

Funded in part by the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, Southwest Florida Water Management District, and the Florida Beverage Association.


Clickable Audio Tour


Stop 1: Wetlands

Stop 2: Ecosystems

Stop 3: Water Quality

Stop 4: Mangroves

Stop 5: Sea Grasses

Stop 6: Marine Life

Stop 7: Bay Neighbor Landscaping

Stop 8: Tree Canopies

Stop 9: Prescribed Burns

Stop 10: Exotic Plant Removal

Stop 11: Estuaries

Stop 12: Land Conservation

Stop 13: Green Roofs

Stop 14: Rain Barrels & Cisterns

Stop 15: Sea Level Rise

Stop 16: Wild & Scenic River

Stop 17: Water Preservation

Stop 18: Florida Pines

Stop 19: Stormwater Retention

Stop 20: Tidal Lagoons

Stop 21: Rookeries

Stop 22: Manatee River Manatees

Stop 23: Bay Island Restoration

Stop 24: Salterns

Stop 25: Prehistoric Life on the River

Stop 26: Footsteps of the Past

Stop 27: Living Shorelines

Stop 28: Lemur Land Conservation

Stop 29: Red Bug Slough Preserve

Stop 30: Life Between the Tides

Stop 31: Tidal Creeks

Stop 32: Pet Waste



Many of our audio tour stops located at SEC member sites throughout Sarasota and Manatee Counties are paired with a storyboard. These colorful educational signs tell stories about our local watersheds, highlighting the unique and vibrant habitats occurring there and the simple things individuals can do to help protect them. Each sign delivers a unique message to enhance public understanding of the important and fragile role the natural environment plays in sustaining the health and welfare of our community. Funded in part by the Southwest Florida Water Management District.